This man's alibi after being accused of cheating is the wildest thing you'll hear all day

This man's alibi after being accused of cheating is the wildest thing you'll hear all day

When it comes to cheating on a partner, there's normally a big reason behind it, with "I was bored of our sex life", "I wanted to break up with them, but didn't know how", and "I was flattered by a hottie in my office" sentences likely to come out of the cheater's mouth.

But, when it comes to an unfaithful partner, have you ever heard this as an excuse? "I didn't actually cheat, I was making condom water balloons to throw at cats."

As bizarre as it sounds, this was the defence of one young man who was accused of adultery by his partner recently on a tabloid talk show. Yes, that's right: when the girlfriend of a young man called Tyla found condoms around the house, her boyfriend preserved his honour by claiming he had merely been terrorising the local kitty community.

What's even crazier? He passed a lie detector test.

It all started when girlfriend Chelsea marched Tyla down to the Jeremy Kyle Show to get some answers after she discovered condom wrappers in his pockets. Chelsea explained her side of the story to Kyle, saying: "I went out for a couple of hours with my little boy and he [Tyla] was supposed to have been fitting my wardrobe for my bedroom. He called me whilst I was out and asked me to stay out for a few extra hours whilst he put it up."

She continued: "I called him when I was on my way home and he didn't answer. When I got home I was at the bottom of the stairs - he came running downstairs, saw it was me, he'd gone running back upstairs, and by the time I'd gone back upstairs with my little boy he was running back down the stairs to go out.

"I'd gone to the toilet and on the floor there was a corner of a condom wrapper. I walked into the front room with my little boy and again on the floor there is another corner of another condom wrapper."

Instead of using condoms for their intended purpose, 19-year-old Tyla claimed he had instead been using them as water balloons, insisting: "I lobbed them at cats".

In addition, the teenager hilariously used his self-proclaimed stamina as further proof of his fidelity, telling the host: "First off, I would have gone in the bedroom. Second, I can just about knock one out in two hours, so how would I suppose to do it twice in two hours? Like, come on."

He added: "Let me put it this way: if I do it with a woman, mate, I do it properly, right. It takes a little bit longer than two hours. Some of us have got youth and stamina on our side, mate."

Although you'd never expect it, the truth was on Tyla's side, as proven when he passed a lie detector test. As the crowd burst into applause, Chelsea looked amazed as her boyfriend stormed out of the room. "I've got no more explaining to do," he told her seconds after as Kyle interviewed the pair.

So, there you have it. Next time you think your partner may be cheating on you, don't get ahead of yourself and consider the possibility that they might have been throwing water balloon condoms at cats. Turns out it's a very real possibility indeed.