This woman thought her boyfriend was plotting to kill her child, but the truth is he's just a nerd

This woman thought her boyfriend was plotting to kill her child, but the truth is he's just a nerd

Welcoming a new partner into your family home and introducing them to your children must be a nerve-wracking and scary part of being a single parent. However, while the majority of these meetings will pass by with little-to-no incident, one woman had the scare of her life after introducing her new partner to her kids.

LA Times reporter Libby Hill took to her Twitter account to share a post from a Reddit user, in which they were extremely anxious about the intention of their new partner. In the post, the woman said that she was worried her boyfriend was plotting to "do something terrible" to [her] family. Here's what it said:

"I’ve raised my 7 year old son as a single mother. But last year, I started dating and met my current boyfriend. He’s perfect and is great with kids and we’ve even been flirting with the possibility of marriage recently."

All sounds good, right? Well, it all seemed a little too perfect and the woman in question quickly realised something freaky was going on.

"That was until last week, I discovered some disturbing writing by his desk. I don’t know what it means and I’m getting really paranoid.

"I stole it from his desk. It says: 'Kill the KID d4 Nf6 g6 Nc3 Bg7 e4 d6 Nf3 0-0 Be2 e5' I have no idea what these numbers/letters mean and I’m really worried about the title that says “Kill the KID”.

"I’ve got a really overactive imagination, but I’m wondering if those numbers/letters are co-ordinates of previous children he’s killed or something sick like that. I don’t know. Please just tell me I’m paranoid.

"I really like him and don’t know why he would write this. tl;dr boyfriend has weird writing about killing what I assume is my kid."

However, while you may think that the Redditor's worries were understandable, it turns out the drams was a complete anti-climax and her boyfriend was, in fact, a massive nerd.

A wise Redditor responded to the post and explained what the suspicious note means:

"Kill the KID is a chess book. KID stands for the King’s Indian Defense. The “co-ordinates” are chess notation. The dude isn’t planning on killing your kids lmao”

Given the comedic nature of Hill's tweet, the story quickly went viral, with plenty of people laughing at the punchline. However, one person struggled to believe that the story was real.

And, as the below tweeter pointed out, "playing chess" may be a cover-up for something else.

"Miss, I'm sorry to tell you. Your boyfriend... "plays chess". Based on the evidence we've found, he's a serious "chess player". This isn't a casual thing. We don't know for sure, but odds are he meets with other "players" in a "chess club" where they seek to "checkmate.""

While the woman's fears turned out to have no substance to them, she did find out something else about her partner: he is a nerd.