Two men wrongly convicted of murder are finally freed after 43 years behind bars

Two men wrongly convicted of murder are finally freed after 43 years behind bars

Two men - Clifford Williams, 76, and his nephew Nathan Myers, 61 - have been exonerated after spending 43 years in a Florida prison for a crime they didn't commit.

The pair were vindicated on Thursday when a judge was asked by prosecutors to vacate their convictions as it was no longer believed that they were guilty of murder.

This is the touching moment Nathan Myers kisses the ground after being freed from prison:

Williams and Myers were wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting Jeanette Williams and attempting to murder her girlfriend, Nina Marshall in 1976.

The women, who were acquainted with the defendants, were both asleep in their bed when the shooting occurred.

While Williams died instantly, her girlfriend was able to find a ride to a hospital. She later identified Williams and Myers as the shooters.

Despite the fact that alibis confirmed that the uncle and his nephew were at a birthday party at the time of the shooting, they were ultimately handed a life sentence.

The verdict was supported by very little evidence. In fact, there wasn't any physical evidence at all that connected the shootings to Williams and Meyers. The outcome of the trial relied only on Marshall's testimony in which she argued that the pair had fired shots from the foot of her bed.

"In fact, the physical and scientific evidence actually contradicts her testimony about what happened," a report from the state attorney states.

Bullet holes in a curtain and broken glass indicated that the shots had come from outside the bedroom window, as opposed to from the foot of Marshall's bed.

Marshall passed away in 2001 and so when the case was re-examined, investigators were unable to question her.

"I lost almost 43 years of my life that I can never get back," Myers said in the report. "But I am looking ahead and will focus on enjoying my freedom with my family."