Uber driver created a hilarious menu of ride options for passengers, and the internet loves it

Uber driver created a hilarious menu of ride options for passengers, and the internet loves it

When you place an order on a ride-sharing app, you never know what your driver is going to be like. You may get a gregarious driver who talks to you for the entire ride, you may get a creepy driver who awkwardly flirts with you, or you may get a drunk driver who's so plastered that you have to take over behind the wheel. Every ride is an adventure!

In Seattle, Washington, 38-year-old Uber driver George Ure came up with a brilliant idea that allows passengers to customize the vibe. When they get in his car, he hands them a hilarious menu with five ride options: 'therapy ride,' 'silent ride,' 'creepy ride,' 'stand-up comedy ride' and 'rude ride.' Yup, that pretty much covers everything!

On Twitter, 21-year-old Luis Arguijo shared his experience riding with George. "Last night my Uber gave me a menu on what kind of ride I wanted,' he tweeted, along with a photo of the menu, which includes detailed descriptions of each ride.

For the stand-up comedy ride, George wrote, "I tell you about things that are funny (to me at least). From prison stories to other poor life choices I've made. [Like] Don't get a lover's name tattooed on you. Ever."

The silent ride section is left blank. (Self-explanatory.) For the therapy ride, George encourages passengers to share whatever is on their mind. During the rude ride, George promises to act as rude as possible. And for the creepy ride, George wrote, "I don't say anything. I just look at you from time to time in the rearview mirror. All creepy-like." Sounds fun!

After the post went viral, George himself noticed and created a Twitter account. "GUYS THIS IS GEORGE !!!," tweeted Luis. "LHE SAW THE POST ONLINE AND MADE A TWITTER. HE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE

Meanwhile, one Twitter user revealed that she actually got a therapy ride once: "My driver asked how my day had been and I was like "well my gf broke up with me" and the entire 25 minute ride was him talking me through things and gassing me up and giving me a motivational speech it was great."