Woman incredibly trolls guy after he sent his number in her DMs

Woman incredibly trolls guy after he sent his number in her DMs

Though sending your number to the wrong person can be pretty embarrassing, it's usually just an accident that's easily fixed. But sometimes it can provide an expert troll with the opportunity of playing a prank on you.

For example, this week a woman has gone viral on social media after she shared how she trolled a guy who sent her his number in her DMs in the most hilarious possible way.

Emily Cain, a student who hails from Newcastle in England, was sent a text message from an enthusiastic man she'd been introduced to via a mutual friend. However, they'd only ever spoken online, meaning he didn’t have her mobile number.

So when the anonymous man (saved in Emily's phone as 'Guy') sent her his number, Emily replied: "Thank you and congratulations! You have successfully adopted Bubbles the chimp!"

Attaching a picture of a toy ape, she added: "£7.50 will be charged to your bill per month. To cancel this subscription without any further being charged, just reply to this message with the word STOP."

The man, seemingly unaware that he'd been tricked, continually asked to cancel his payments, with Emily mocking his attempts to wiggle out of the 'payments' by pretending to charge more money.

He wrote: "I swear to god if any money comes out of my account on direct debit I’m going to the police. You horrible b*stards."

Emily eventually revealed to her unwanted suitor that she'd been trolling him all along, writing: "You’ve been pranked by the prank patrol, love from Emily."  The unknown man simply replied: "You horrible c***."

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After Emily posted screenshots of the conversation to Twitter, her expert trolling got her plenty of attention, and her post soon racked up more than 20,000 likes and almost 3,000 retweets.