Woman reveals the genius way she responds to unsolicited pics online

Woman reveals the genius way she responds to unsolicited pics online

"Hey Mom, how did you meet Dad?" "He sent me an unsolicited photo of his junk on Tinder." You don't hear that conversation very often. Yet men continue trying to seduce women by sending pictures of their schlongs - "pelfies," if you will. Sure, every woman in the past found it disgusting, and it was a total conversation-killer, but maybe this time it'll work!

Whenever women check their text messages, the forecast is sunny, with a 50% chance of dick pics. Some know exactly how to do deal with creepy, disrespectful messages, and have delivered some brutal clapbacks. For example, one young woman received an unsolicited pelfie, and then sent it to the guy's grandma. Then she sent a text explaining that she was "reeling" from the "deplorable" image, and wanted to "prevent it from happening to anyone else."

If you think regular women get a lot of junk mail - in the form of male junk - just imagine what it's like for porn stars. Since they have sex in their line of work, most men don't have any inhibitions about sending them sexual images. Adult entertainer Ginger Banks is sick and tired of seeing D's in her DM's, so she came up with a genius response.

On Twitter, Ginger shared a screenshot of an exchange she had with a harasser. After he sent the lewd photo, she responded, "Did you just me a picture of a child penis?" He replied, "WTF no. What's wrong with U." She texted back, "It looks like a child penis. I'm reporting it." Then she sent a screenshot of the CyberTipline Report, threatening to report him for child pornography.

The exchange is hilarious. Ginger mocks the size of his penis, totally emasculating him. Then she scares the hell out of him by threatening to report him for child pornography. Twitter users loved her response, sharing hilarious stock responses of their own.

Nothing makes men cringe like watching hot dogs and bananas get shredded.

One guy pointed out that while the response is clever, a serious tip line shouldn't be abused.

Other Twitter users pointed out she didn't actually report him. She just threatened to report him. (Filing a false report would be abusing the tip line.)

This Twitter user advocated fighting fire with fire.

An eye for an eye, and a dong for a dong.

I hope Ginger Banks gets to do a TED Talk this year.

Some guys expressed confusion over why other guys send dick-pics. #NotAllMen

This Twitter user pointed out the irony of Mr. Dickpick scolding, "What's wrong with you?"

Well, as long as men keep sending women unsolicited images of their junk, women will keep coming up with hilarious, brutal responses shutting them down. But what are we supposed to do, stop sending explicit images? I don't think so. Next time it's definitely going to work.