Woman shares her granddad's hilarious list of 'boyfriend rules'

Woman shares her granddad's hilarious list of 'boyfriend rules'

It's well known that parents can get a little over-protective when it comes to their children - even when they hit adulthood and fly the nest. Fathers, especially, are known for going a bit too far when it comes to making sure their daughters are dating the right guy for them - at least, according to the kids.

However, as far as I've seen, it's rare to get this kind of a talking-to from a grandfather like Amie McHugh did. The 21-year-old recently shared a screenshot of a text from her granddad (they text now?), in which he laid out some strict ground rules for which men she can date.

Her grandfather, William, made had a long list that he'd written all in capital letters, which led the student to share it on Twitter. "Howlin at ma grandas rules for ma boyfriend [sic]," Amie, who hails from Airdrie in Lanarkshire, Scotland, wrote, before posting a screengrab of the text message she had received.

First off, he noted that he's got to be Roman Catholic, but not only that - he has to be a supporter of the Glasgow-based football team Celtic. With those two down, there are even more rules she has to follow.

He has to be working, making a decent amount from that job, and have a car to his name. He "must never look at another girl while in this relationship," which is fair enough, and he "must be very kind," which is all well and good. But then on top of that: "whenever in my company he must offer to pay bill."

There's also the rules that "I must like him," and "he must like me," which might be difficult given the amount of rules he has to follow by this point. After the 10 simple rules for dating his granddaughter, he signed off with,"Ok that's it so far," promising more hoops to jump through in the future.

Good luck finding a guy who fits all of these requirement, Amie!