Woman's 'inappropriate' Christmas lights display causes outrage among neighbours

Woman's 'inappropriate' Christmas lights display causes outrage among neighbours

This festive season, one woman opted for a more x-rated Christmas lights display, causing outrage in her neighborhood, WDAF reports.

Shelby Gash, 24, decorated the roof of her home in Whispering Hills, Kansas, with Christmas lights arranged in the shape of male private parts.

"The neighborhood's vibes have kind of gone down because of everyone's kind of uptight so it's more of a kind of orneriness," the woman told WWAY 3, confirming that the lights were, in fact, supposed to resemble a "giant glowing d**k".

Take a look at this news report on the 'inappropriate' Christmas lights display, courtesy of WWAY 3:

"People think it's hilarious," Shelby continued. "People are stopping in the middle of the night and taking photos and laughing. People think it's so much fun. I think there's a lot more laughter than bringing out anything uncomfortable."

When she posted pictures of the risqué display on Facebook, tons of people took to the comments to praise her for carrying out the daring stunt.

"We love your sense of humor," one person wrote. "You have our pick for the best house out there. One for the books..lol."

"I just want to say you're a LEGEND!" agreed another.

"You’re my hero!" wrote a third.

However, not everyone thought the genitalia motif was so hilarious.

Local residents Marcelo and Christi Vergara told WWAY 3: "Well, it's certainly a statement. I don't know to what but probably not appropriate for the neighborhood."

"I don't know what I would have done if I had driven and seen it - I probably would have wrecked my car," Christi added.

"It's a joke that wears off pretty quick," says Marcelo, with Christi agreeing: "I don't it's appropriate for little kids."

In response to the backlash, Shelby apologized for any offense caused.

"Sorry if it's actually bothering people," the 24-year-old goes on to say. "I'm just trying to make people laugh."

Ultimately, just four days after putting the Christmas lights up, Shelby decided to take them down due to complaints from families with young children.