You can now print your face on socks as a Valentine's gift for your partner

You can now print your face on socks as a Valentine's gift for your partner

On Valentine's Day, couples go on a romantic date and express their love for each other. (And single people read their saccharine posts on social media and burn with envy.) It's customary to give each other gifts, like flowers, chocolates and jewelry. You can't go wrong with those options, but it might be better to come up something unique.

However, brainstorming an original Valentine's Day gift can be difficult. A coupon for 20% off butt implants? No, your partner might find that offensive. A plaster cast of your foot? No, your partner might think that's weird. A permanent tattoo of your partner's face? No, you might regret that if you break up. But hey, we're on the right track! What if you printed your lovely mug on a pair of socks?

Just Face It Socks Credit: Just Face It

That right, on Just Face It, you can print your face on socks as a Valentine's Day gift for your partner. What could be more beautiful? Every time your partner takes their shoes off, they'll be reminded of you. When your partner's friends and family ask what you look like, they can show off their socks, instead of pulling up a photo on Facebook. And as a bonus, if you break up, your partner can burn the socks or shred them to pieces to get some cathartic closure.

Here's how it works: You visit Just Face It's website, pick how many pairs of socks you'd like to order, and upload a photo of yourself. You could go with a sexy photo, goofy photo, creepy photo - hey, no judgment here. There's an option to use to use two different faces if you can't decide. Then  just select the color and you're done.

The socks are unisex, "super stretchy" and one-size-fits-all up to the US men's size of 11. So, if your partner's feet are freakishly huge - I mean, um, if there's more of your partner's feet to love, then you might be out of luck.

Face socks Credit: Just Face It

The socks are produced via 360 degree direct to garment laser printing, whatever that means, and the images should remain pristine after multiple washes. (Unlike your face, which gets older and wrinklier every day!) The fabric is made out of 75% narcissism, and 25% love - I mean, 75% custom spun polyester, and 25% nylone/alastane blend.

However, if you're planning on ordering face socks for your partner, you should do it sooner than later. The personalized products take 12-15 business days to ship, and if you live outside the United States, add another five days. Ha-ha! Americans get them faster! USA! USA! USA!

Of course, you don't have to give these socks to your partner. You could give them to your mother, father or someone you meet on Tinder. What a great first date present! And as you present them, you could say, "I wanted to...knock your socks off." Or: "Put a sock in it!" Or: "Maybe later we could...have sox." Who needs flowers and chocolate?