Strippers start delivery service called 'Boober Eats' amid COVID-19 crisis

Strippers start delivery service called 'Boober Eats' amid COVID-19 crisis

A strip club in Oregon has launched a food delivery service called Boober Eats, which is an x-rated service delivering food to people who are self-isolating, according to the Metro.

The move comes amid the coronavirus crisis, which has been a huge blow to establishments such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs. In many parts of the world, such establishments have been forced to shut down or else lose out on business due to people being encouraged or required by law to self-quarantine.

This family fully embraced social distancing as they sang happy birthday for their beloved 95-year-old grandma:

The Lucky Devil is one of these establishments. Force to close their doors due to people in the area practicing social distancing - a sensible decision that has sadly left the exotic dancers employed there receiving no business.

That is, until the club's owner, Shon Boulden, came up with the ingenious idea to take advantage of the increase in food deliveries, and create a different kind of food delivery service.

Check out Boulden and his dancer's talk about their sudden job change in the video below:

Per Metro, Boulden initially did it as a "joke" but when it got 150 shares on Facebook, he knew he was on to something.

All customers will have to do is take a look at the menu online, give the business a call and place their order. Lucky Devil has a food and drinks menu, which also includes non-alcoholic beverages, like ginger beer and Red Bull.

Unlike standard food delivery services, this one will send a pair of exotic dancers to your door, and, of course, the food you ordered.

Talking to local publication Willamette Week News, Boulden says: "If someone wants to give us a couple hundred bucks to go to the coast, we’ll do it as long as the girls are taken care of."

Speaking to the Oregonion, dancer Olivia said: "It became very real when all this happened. Dancers work for tips and tips only."

Another dancer, Kiki, said: "Losing this job is devastating. For the majority of us, it’s been an almost complete loss of income. I’m here supporting my community and trying to keep maintaining an income flow as best as we can."

"It’s crazy," Boulden says, adding: "We mutated our one business into a totally different style of business."

Boulden assures customers that the dancers, who will be wearing pasties and booty shorts, will keep back a "reasonable distance" while they "dance for a second" before moving along. He also said they will come equipped with disinfectant products.

We are urging all of our readers to adhere to the advice from their respective governments and medical bodies, and practice social distancing and self-isolation where required. Together, we will beat this...