Subway passenger quickly discovers he spat in the wrong guy's face

Subway passenger quickly discovers he spat in the wrong guy's face

Anybody who has to endure public transport on a daily basis will tell you that it can be rather unpleasant. The seats are disgusting, the smell is disgusting, the air is disgusting - but more than all of that, the passengers are disgusting.

For example, just check out the video below of somebody controlling their touch screen TV with their FEET:

When you're on a train, plane, bus, or tram, personal space has never been more valuable, as it is the one thing that is seriously lacking.

From body odor to just damn nasty habits, being crammed into what is essentially a tin can with other people can quickly cause tensions to rise between riders. However, one New York subway passenger quickly regretted his decision to antagonize another rider by spitting in his face.

Check out the intense video below: 

The incident took place at 34th Street station in Manhattan, and shows one man spit in the face of another passenger as the carriage doors were closing. However, the guys quickly realized he'd picked a fight with The Incredible Hulk's cousin, as the angered rider forcefully opens the doors, and goes from victim to victimizer.

As the spitter is left on the platform, a crowd gathers in an attempt to stop the altercation, but the cameraman calmly tells them: "Nah, nah! He spit in his face!"

The explosive footage was shared on Reddit yesterday by user 'ventriiloquist', and it has since received over 6.6 thousand comments.

User Reckless_Rik commented: "The moment he got out of the train, I feel like the other dude's life just flashed before his eyes."

But perhaps the funniest comment was from Reddit user HodorFirstOfHisHodor, who commented: "That dude reeeally trusted those doors."

It just goes to show, a little common courtesy for your fellow passengers can go a long way. And if you are one of those people who enjoy making your fellow commuters' rides a misery, then you may just annoy the wrong person one day.

The New York Police Department has yet to comment on the incident.