Sydney café gives breastfeeding moms the warmest welcome with this incredible sign

Sydney café gives breastfeeding moms the warmest welcome with this incredible sign

Now, we've all been told quite categorically by health experts that when it comes to feeding newborn babies, breast is best. And, as breastfeeding advocates often say, it's the most natural thing in the world, and therefore something that people shouldn't be shamed for.

For some reason, though, breastfeeding in public has always been a very divisive topic. While some people have absolutely no issue with it, others believe there is something immodest and distasteful about women feeding their babies out in the open.

Breastfeeding moms? What about breastfeeding dads? This clever dad worked out the only way to get his three-month-old baby to drink from a bottle was to 'disguise' himself as the child's mother and 'breastfeed':

Many breastfeeding moms have found themselves in situations in which they have been asked to leave certain establishments due to offense taken by other customers.

Fortunately, there are places that will not only allow women to feed their infants in peace but will go out of their way to encourage them to stop over if they so wish. In fact, one incredible café in Sydney put up this sign in order to let breastfeeding moms know that they are welcome at their establishment:

The sign reads: "Pop in and have a FREE cup of tea if you need a pitt stop...No need to eat, no need to ask - Please relax :)".

The sign was put up by Natala Bain, the owner Willows Cafe and Wine Bar.

She told Mashable Australia that she was inspired by this sign she saw outside a British café back in 2014:

A number of people took to the comments to express their gratitude to the café for its accepting attitude towards women who breastfeed their babies.

One person wrote: "There should be more of these places for nursing Mothers and their babies. Well done."

"What a breath of fresh air!" added another. "Well done Willows shows great leadership, now others need to follow," a third agreed.