Taco is makeup the latest tasty beauty trend

Taco is makeup the latest tasty beauty trend

Taco-bout making a statement. In a win for food-themed dress codes everywhere, a new street-food centric fashion trend is taking over the internet, thanks to a few stunning viral photos. The trend in question has seen select Instagram users turning their traditional eye shadow into everyone’s favorite Mexican menu item.

God bless you, internet, because taco makeup is now a thing... apparently. 

The trend cleverly makes use of the natural taco-shaped curve of the human eye to help aspiring makeup artists to create vivid, lifelike depictions of their favorite food on their face. It’s now possible to find dozens of pictures posted all across Instagram, all using the hashtag #tacomakeup as an increasing number of users get to grips with the technique. One look at the results and it’s easy to see why everyone is on board. 

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Given that expertly recreating every detail of what can be quite a diverse dish on your own eyeball is obviously not easy, it’s fair to say that some attempts at taco makeup are much superior to others.

Some Instagrammers have managed to perfectly capture every component of a taco, from soft corn tortilla to tomatoes, ground beef and guac. Others have gone for a more abstract vibe, opting to leave the impression of a taco rather than waste time faffing with individual lettuce leaves. Every effort is, however, in its own way impressive. 

While there are obviously plenty of people ready to be dismissive of any fad, the internet’s general response to the tacos seems to be pretty positive. Under one of the most popular posts, commenters left a range of enthusiastic reactions, ranging from “This is absolutely fantabulous,” to the slightly threatening “B*tchhh what I want to eat yo eye.” Whatever your thoughts, #tacomakeup is certainly a way to wear your foodie colors without doing any cooking.