Teen banned from driving after footage shows 'Dukes Of Hazzard style' crash

Teen banned from driving after footage shows 'Dukes Of Hazzard style' crash

Can you remember the badass TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard? I used to watch reruns as a kid, and was obsessed with the non-stop car action. From the way Bo and Luke's souped-up Dodge Charger would fly through the air (totally unharmed), to something as simple as them just getting in the car - nothing was cooler to me as a kid that the Dukes (the original TV show, not that awful movie with Jessica Simpson).

However, one teenager who seems to have watched far to many reruns of the Hazzard County cousins is 18-year-old Ryan Lamb from the UK, who was recently caught out on dashcam footage getting an impressive amount of air in his silver Citroen Berlingo van (admittedly, not as cool as the boys' General Lee).

Check out Lamb's impressive flight below:

The footage was captured in September 2018, at the 'Stag' roundabout on the A11 road in Norfolk. Lamb, who was just 17 at the time of the incident, was on his way to the Sundown music festival at the Norfolk Showground when he failed to stop at the roundabout.

Despite Lamb's actions being incredibly dangerous, you can't deny it looked pretty impressive - although, his landing and the fact he was caught by the fuzz aren't exactly what the Dukes became famous for.

And despite the stunning footage clearly not working in his favor, the teenager pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving at Norwich Magistrates Court, Metro reports. Clearly, this guy's got some balls, but much like his stunt, it didn't pay off, as he was eventually found guilty of the same charge.

Some drivers are just unlucky, like this guy who was hit in the face by a pheasant during a race:

Per the Eastern Daily Press, Lamb was disqualified from driving for 12 months, pay £310 ($377), complete 80 hours' unpaid work, and if he ever wants to regain his license, the daredevil must complete an extended driving test.

What's even more impressive is that despite the height and impact of the crash, Lamb and his two passengers came away with just minor cuts and bruises.

The footage was captured by 35-year-old motorcyclist Andy Daynes, who said he was shocked at the Dukes Of Hazzard style crash, and that Lamb just failed to see the upcoming roundabout.

And, finally, to play us out, it's Jessica Simpson with These Boots Are Made For Walkin':