Teen's tattoo tribute to her father left unfinished because it was too painful

Teen's tattoo tribute to her father left unfinished because it was too painful

When a person chooses to get a tattoo, more often than not, they opt for something meaningful. It will, after all, be on their skin for life.

So when 18-year-old Lauryn visited the notorious European holiday destination of Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca, she decided to get a tribute to her dad, famous Scottish radio DJ, George Bowie.

She opted to get "Bits'n'Pieces" tattooed - one of her dad's hit singles.

However, clearly new to tattooing, she chose to get it in one of the most painful possible places: her foot.

Now, either Lauryn overestimated her pain threshold or simply didn't realize how painful it was going to be, and she went ahead with the placement, managing to get the word "Bits" tattooed before giving up in pain.

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The teen then sent a picture of the tattoo to her doting dad, who subsequently posted a picture of it to Twitter captioned:

"So my daughter, who's in Maga with 60 mates, decides to get Bits And Pieces tattooed on her foot as a tribute to her Dad. But it was too sore, so she got the guy to stop halfway through and this is what she's left with."

The 18-year-old then responded to the 10K plus likes her father's post received on Twitter by sharing a response and writing: "ahahahhahahahha naw a am hibernating for the foreseeable future [sic]."

Apparently, the 18-year-old had planned to keep the tattoo fail a secret from her mom, but after it went viral her dad tweeted her writing: "Ha ha @laurynbowiee looks like we might have to tell your Mum after all."

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Oh, and in case you're wondering, her dad explained how she managed to go on holiday with "60 mates". Her entire high school year group decided to go on holiday together to celebrate graduating.

I wonder if she'll stick with her "Bits" or eventually get the tattoo finished...