The 'nude bikini' is this summer's hot swimwear trend on Instagram

The 'nude bikini' is this summer's hot swimwear trend on Instagram

With the summer heat comes swimwear season. And with swimwear season comes #hotgirlsummer. The hashtag is all over Instagram, posted under selfies of people feeling good about themselves. Many of these photos are of girls in swimsuits, celebrating feeling their best in this season's heat.

For those who would rather hit a nude beach than celebrate hot girl summer in a pool with a dress code, this newest fad is for you. The look allows you to rock your birthday suit without burning your privates.

The latest trend in swimwear is the flesh-toned bikini. Everyone is doing it, from influencers to models to the Kardashians (because oh how we've missed them). And now you, if you like what you're about to see.

Take a hint from Candice Swanepoel and wear a shade warmer than your skin tone if you're worried about getting double takes.

Or copy Olivia Culpo and Alessandra Ambrosio and chose a suit that has some obvious patterns to make a nude color-blocked outfit a bit more interesting.

With all these beautiful women taking part in the latest trend, brands are starting to take notice. Frankies Bikinis, for example, posted a picture recognising that they've hopped on the bandwagon with the caption: "IN THE NUDE." They get it.

So jump on this style train because it's moving on with or without you. If you want to feel daring and confident in your own skin, try suiting up.