These are the 10 biggest beauty trends for fall

These are the 10 biggest beauty trends for fall

New season, new you. With summer just about over for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's time that we start taking our coats and scarves out of hibernation as the weather starts to cool down. And as much as it sucks that summer is over, most of us are looking forward to playing around with our autumn wardrobe, and revamping our beauty looks.

If you need some inspiration for what the biggest hair and makeup trends are right now, then look no further. Taking into consideration all the looks from our favourite influencers, beauty brands and the latest A/W beauty looks brought to us by the top fashion houses in the world, here's a summary of the 11 biggest beauty trends for the coming autumnal months.

1. Orange blush

It's one of the biggest trends in Japan right now, and because we look to Japan for a lot of our skincare and makeup inspo, people are starting to experiment with peachier tones as the weather cools down.

2. Gold glitter lids

Seen at a few A/W shows this year, shimmery eyeshadow or lids dabbed with glitter in golden hues are a big thing.

3. Freckles

Some are pointing at Meghan Markle for starting this trend. It seems people are choosing to let the freckles they acquired over the summer shine through a lighter application of foundation, while others are even painting them on.

4. Light, feathery brows

Bold, coloured-in brows may have been a thing last year, but the latest thing is to comb them out with a bit of neutral gel to give them a kind of understated, soft emphasis.

5. Stained lips

Yes, sharp pencil-lined lips are still in, but a different kind of lip colour application is also trending. The result makes it look like you've stained your lips while drinking red wine or eating berries. It's all about repping bold colour in a way that looks like it's almost been accidentally applied.

6. Coloured eyeliner

A whimsical slick of yellow, purple or turquoise eyeliner has been spotted everywhere from Instagram to the world's most-watched catwalks. Adding a pop of colour along either the top or bottom lash line with an eyeliner could be fall's most fun fad.

7. Hair clips

Adding a cluster of conspicuously placed bobby pins or those hair clips you used to wear as a kid is very on trend. Add them to slicked-back hair or near your part when wearing your hair out.

8. Coloured highlighter

Yes, people are still loving highlighter, and the newest thing is to get one in a subtle shade of pink or purple, to be extra extra.

9. The cherry bomb lip

An ultra-glossy lip in a luscious red that looks juicy enough to bite into goes hand-in-hand with the autumnal harvest vibes of the season.

10. Glossy lids

As well as glossy lips, glossy eyelids are having a moment right now, seen by many major makeup brands at the moment.

Ready to take on the changing season now? Me too.