These are the genius Black Friday hacks you need know about

These are the genius Black Friday hacks you need know about

Black Friday is coming up, a day we tend to associate with crowded shopping malls, terrified retail workers and, of course, some killer deals. However, now that we are firmly in the internet age, it isn't always about actually heading out to the store to grab some cheap products - but doing a little online shopping when the big day comes.

However, while you can just try your luck out on the day, there are some little tricks to the trade that can help you out. Money saving expert Emma Bradley, who runs her own blog, 'Mum's Savvy Savings', has a few hacks to the Black Friday game that she has shared.

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Her suggestions include all sorts of things, from clearing your internet browsing history, setting up price alerts and placing your products in the basket the night before.

"The basket will also update the following day with the new reduced prices," she explained. "Some retailers have gotten wise to this and empty baskets after a period of time but it could still be worth a try if you are researching the night before."

And, perhaps most importantly, she insists that despite the quick-paced nature of the day, everyone should research prices to make sure it's a good deal, and look into the terms and conditions before they purchase anything.

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Clearing both your browsing history and your cookies is a good idea according to Bradley, as apparently they both can affect the prices you are presented with. "This is especially true when booking experience-based gifts, such as trips and stays in hotels," she said.

"Knowing your rights is important because as a consumer you still have your legal rights even if bought during Black Friday. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you can cancel an online order up to 14 days from the time the goods are delivered to you, therefore if you do change your mind you are still protected.

"Personally, I find the best deals to be had on Black Friday are on electrical goods. Last year I bought a GHD straighteners and hairdryer set for around the £110 [$141] mark, which was my best deal."

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According to the savings expert, the best deals aren't found in store on Black Friday, but online. So, rather than heading out to any stores, it's best to refresh websites as they update their deals - and make sure to plan ahead, make a wishlist, and set a budget.

"I would encourage shoppers to plan ahead and create a list of what they are looking to buy to moderate their spending [...] be aware that you don’t get caught up in the frenzy.

"Buying online can feel a bit too easy, as if we are not spending actual money, especially if our debit cards are automatically stored and we don’t even input the details. It is only when the money has left our banks that it feels real."

So, however involved you get this Black Friday, make sure to not go completely overboard - as you might end up spending far more than you ever wanted to.