This convict's 30-second outburst in court earned him another six years in prison

This convict's 30-second outburst in court earned him another six years in prison

There are some occasions in life where keeping your cool can really pay off, and as it turns out, a court hearing is one of them.

This is the moment a convict's expletive-ridden outburst in a Lake County courtroom earned him another six years in prison, in addition to the 22 years he had just been sentenced.

This video contains very strong language:

The incident took place on March 4, at the Lake County Court of Common Pleas in Painesville, Ohio, during the sentencing of 32-year-old defendant Manson M. Bryant, WCPO report.

Bryant had previously been found guilty of kidnapping, abduction, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, having weapons under disability, and carrying concealed weapons - with several of these charges being merged for the convict's sentencing.

Court records state that Bryant's crimes "caused serious psychological harm to both of his victims and serious economic harm to one victim", and that he committed said crimes as "part of organized criminal activity".

However, after receiving a prison sentence of a combined 22 years from Judge Eugene A. Lucci, Bryant exploded in a 30-second expletive-filled tirade, accusing the judge of being "racist" and hurling several derogatory comments around the court.

Following Bryant's rant, Judge Lucci extended the convict's overall sentence by another six years - bringing the total years Bryant must spend behind bars to 28. Lucci can be heard interrupting the rant, said:

"Actually, actually... You know what? Remember when I said that you had some remorse? When I said that you had a certain amount of remorse, I was mistaken.

"The court determines that maximum imprisonment is needed - so that’s 28 years."

The irony is that Lucci had originally declined to give Bryant the maximum sentence for his crimes after "showing remorse".

Fox 8 reports that Bryant's attorney, Daniel Williams, said his client had a "regrettable" reaction:

"I would only comment that sentencing hearings can be emotional for all involved. Mr. Bryant received a significant sentence, and had an emotional and regrettable reaction to it."

Williams also stated that Bryant was very composed throughout the trial up until his outburst and that he plans to contest the sentencing.