This dog food company actually want humans to eat their meals

This dog food company actually want humans to eat their meals

Many humans are caring more and more about the food they put in their body. If they're not eating clay for their supposed "magnetically detoxifying" qualities, they are eating plant-based foods to reduce their risks of heart disease and dying too early. Even big companies like McDonald's are signing on board to the idea of being conscious about food - there would be no McVegan without otherwise. Now people are asking, "why shouldn't we do the same for out pets?"

In recent years, dog food companies have been trying to argue the case for the improved well-being of dogs and popping up to make fresh pet food with human quality ingredients. One of these is Freshpet. Who believes its food is so delicious that they’re making human food with it.

Freshpet is so confident in their fresh and high-quality produce that they want you - the human - to eat their stuff. The company is hosting a dinner where you and your dog can dine together.

There is some debate about giving dogs home cooked food. Home-cooked dog food companies say their fresh food is better than over-processed food as their ingredients are of higher quality, but if you do plan to switch to fresh food, it’s best left to the experts, as dogs need very specific nutrients.

The dog welfare organisation, The Kennel Club doesn’t advise for or against, dry, wet or home-cooked food, but says you should choose a food specially designed for them and buy the best dog food you can afford. If that means natural and fresh dog food, by all means, give a dog a - non-GMO, ehtically sourced, weekly updates from the farmer and his family - bone.

Now before you take to Twitter and share you're disbelief and concern, asking why the company dare think we should eat the same things as dogs and that this is political correctness gone mad, allow me to explain that Freshpet don't want you to eat straight out of a can or wet pouch.

Instead, they will whip up their quality goods into foods you are probably very familiar with. On the menu for humans is chicken fajitas, spaghetti and meatballs and shepherd’s pie – with various versions of its pet food as the main ingredient. Dogs will get a lovely bowl of Freshpet food.

The pop-up dining experience is taking place on Thursday 21 June between 3-7 pm, at Hello Love, 64 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4AR. To take part the company says "all guests will have to sign a waiver before taking part." This sounds pretty ominous but we can all think of that one friend who would do this waiver or not, so I'm sure there will be a queue out of the kennel.

If you’re on a fresh pet food vibe, there are quite a few on the market to choose from now. Butternut Box does a subscription service of home-cooked dog food, Pure sells dehydrated and freeze-dried home-cooked pet food, and Nature’s Menu sells raw pet food called True Instinct.