This guy is getting absolutely torn to shreds over a video of him pouring water on himself

This guy is getting absolutely torn to shreds over a video of him pouring water on himself

The internet is a strange, strange place - and social media is responsible for a lot of that strangeness.

Every day on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, people are out their uploading videos of themselves lip-syncing to songs, pranking their unwitting siblings, and calling out celebrities for whatever the latest cause of outrage is - usually to no great consequence.

Sometimes, though, pictures and clips end up going viral just by chance, often for the weirdest of reasons.

Take this video of a half-naked guy dramatically pouring a cup of water on himself, for example. The clip is nothing special, really, but somehow it's been viewed almost three million times.

The subject of the video, Hiwa Busally, an 18-year-old from Nashville, captioned the mirror-clip "Is water wet?" and uploaded it to Twitter for his 20,000 followers to check out.

Due to Busally's shirtless status in the video, it's preetttyyy clear that he was posting it as a thirst trap - and his plan worked... sort of. A few people commented on the teen's physique, and I'm fairly certain he received a number of NSFW DMs after the post went out.

Most people, however, saw the bizarre clip as an excuse to dunk on him to the extreme.

"Honestly what even the hell is this," wrote one person.

"This is the guy equivalent of girls that call themselves quirky," said another.

Essentially, nobody really knew why this dude acted like he was struggling for breath after he threw approximately three drops of water on himself. Like, was that meant to be attractive somehow?

The teen took the criticism pretty well, however.

According to Buzzfeed News, "Busally said he doesn't 'really care to be honest' about 'the hate' he's receiving. In fact, he said he's enjoying reading all of the reactions and jokes about him."

He also explained that his elaborate choking was down to him swallowing the water wrong.

Wow - a guy who takes long mirror videos and is incapable of drinking a small amount of liquid? The girls must be queuing down the street.

In all seriousness, though, Busally just seemed to be having a bit of fun with the video, but the weird world of Twitter just jumped on it and ran with all the jokes it could muster.

Even so, I doubt the 18-year-old has been put off from posting more strange content. But maybe next time he'll get properly dressed first, at least.