This Instagram post on body-shaming is going viral for pointing out how different people are criticised

This Instagram post on body-shaming is going viral for pointing out how different people are criticised

Like fingerprints, skin tones or hair types, people's bodies come in every shape and size, and it's totally out of order to give people hate because their physique doesn't conform to some warped sense of body standards.

Body shaming, it goes without saying, isn't cool, and one Instagrammer took to the social media site to skewer the expectations behind different body types, and it's so refreshing once you hear what she's got to say.

Meet Sarah Tripp, Instagram model, who wants to shine a light on the kinds of body shaming that occur on a worryingly frequent basis on the site. Posing next to a friend of hers who's a size zero, Tripp revealed that both herself and her friend are subjected to body shaming of different types.

"This is my friend @daniaustin. She’s a beautiful size 0 and one of my favorite ladies to follow here on IG,"  says Tripp in her Instagram post, introducing us all to Dani Austin, who's the size zero model seen in the photo, while explaining that because of her slim frame, she's subjected to online bullying.

"Because of her naturally thin figure she tells me she often sees comments like “she’s anorexic”, “looks like she needs to eat”, “look at those chicken legs”, etc. how sad is that?! one thing i know is that this beautiful woman is strong, healthy, and more importantly... much more than her body!"

Awful, isn't it? Tripp continued to lavish praise on her friend, describing her as an amazing female entrepreneur, as well as "one of the most genuine bloggers I know".

"She and her husband @jordanjramirez have a wonderfully supportive relationship. she is so strong yet vulnerable, opening up freely about her faith, her trials, and her real life offline."

But while she made really good point about body shaming, Tripp was only getting started. The model revealed that she also got quite a bit of hate for her body type:

"I’ve been shamed this same way for years, but on the other end of the scale. Strangers online are constantly telling me I’m 'overweight', or 'unhealthy', or 'a terrible role model' because of my size. But I know better. Because I know this size 12 body of mine is curvy fit!"

Sarah Tripp refutes this, right off the bat. "I know that these bootylicious curves makes me sexy, strong, and stylish!" Tripp said emphatically, showing off the depths of her confidence in her body and in herself, in the face of what I'm sure can be distressing criticism.

"I also know that my self-worth does not depend on the size of my jeans or what other people say about me," asserted Tripp, before reminding us all: "body shaming is never okay!"

"We should all speak kind words to each other online and in real life. Your words have power and meaning. And we could all benefit from spreading a little more love and positivity."

While sadly, not everyone's going to heed Sarah Tripp's amazing advice, we should all do our best to watch our words while we're online, and appreciate all different kinds of bodies. Because they're all beautiful.