This is the heart-stopping moment a man in a cowboy hat takes down an armed robber in a store

This is the heart-stopping moment a man in a cowboy hat takes down an armed robber in a store

You'd think the days of the Wild Wild West are over, with lasso-swinging dudes in cowboy hats galloping across the plains very much the stuff of old movies. While the cattle-herding folk of America have adapted to the modern world in more way than one, cowboys still remain a strong symbol of American culture.

Recently, footage has emerged of an older cowboy (who has a very impressive moustache, might I add) taking down an armed robber in a store in Monterrey, Mexico. The cowboy – identified as such thanks to his pristine white cowboy hat and his denim jacket – stopped a crime from happening as he swiftly tackled the thief from behind.

CCTV footage shows a young man wearing a hoodie pulled over a cap enter the store – a butcher shop called Carnes Cares – while wielding a pistol. He walks over to the register, where the cowboy is paying, and threatens the cashier attendant who appears stunned and waves a notebook at him.

The robber then turns to the cowboy, who stays calm despite the pointed gun. He slowly takes off his glasses as he is confronted by the criminal, who turns around to approach another customer walking across the floor. Then, as his back is turned, the cowboy sees an opportunity and darts across the shop to seize the young man with a headlock, knocking the gun to the floor.

Two other workers join the struggle, with the thief breaking free from the cowboy's grip after wriggling out of his hoodie. It emerges that he has what appears to be a kitchen knife with him too, which the cowboy and the two shop workers manage to dodge as they catch him right before he attempts to run out of the carniceria. It appears that they managed to successfully apprehend him while the woman at the cash register called the authorities.

The butcher shop uploaded the video to their Facebook page in order to document the attempted theft. Since then, it's done the rounds on the internet thanks to how mad the whole thing is.

I mean, you really need to see for yourself:

The comments are all in praise of the brave cowboy, who took the risk to tackle the young man who appeared to have a real, loaded weapon.

"The old guy calmly puts his glasses in his pocket, waits for an opening, and disarmed one idiot," someone wrote, while another said: "The dumb criminal didn't realize the cowboy took his glasses off for a reason". Someone else applauded the cowboy's style, pointing out: "Notice the guys COWBOY HAT STAYED ON The 'Whole Time!'"

The shop’s co-owner, Daniel Cárdenas, told the Washington Post that the young man had entered the shop a few days earlier to the attempted robbery, as if to scout it out. The cowboy is actually Cárdenas' father, who is the other owner of the carniceria.

“Actually, he told me that he acted that way out of fear,” Cárdenas revealed. “He really believed that the man was going to shoot them. When he had the chance, he acted instinctively to disarm him.”

What a ride!