Trader Joe's is now selling yoga skeleton succulents for Halloween

Trader Joe's is now selling yoga skeleton succulents for Halloween

The scariest night of the year is fast approaching and Halloween enthusiasts are already preparing.

Whether it's purchasing the best matching costume for you and someone special, or simply getting yourself in the mood by binge-watching Netflix's recently announced Halloween category, the festivities will soon be upon us.

Now, Trader Joe's is selling yoga skeleton succulents just in time for Halloween 2019.

Skeleton succulents. Credit: Trader Joes

Kenya Friend-Daniel, a spokesperson for the brand, revealed that the seasonal decorations are exclusively available at Trader Joe's. Made from polyresin, the skeleton succulents can be purchased in two different yoga poses depending on how you like to get your zen on.

The small green plant on the skeleton's head is a Tillandsia ionantha, which, according to Friend-Daniel, is super easy to care for. Simply lightly water it with mist once a week or soak it in water for an hour every two weeks.

This is the heartwarming moment a mom surprised her daughter with an early debut of her 2019 costume: 

However, to give your plant the best possible chance of thriving, Trader Joe's also recommends placing it in an area free from air conditioners and heating vents, where there is medium to bright sunlight.

But don't worry if the latter isn't possible for you, eight hours of artificial light will do the same job.

Like the majority of Halloween products, the skeleton is seasonal and is priced at $5.99 for as long as stocks last.

Halloween planters. Credit: Target

However, don't worry if you're not quick enough to get one, or are simply looking for something smaller, Target has also created a range of Halloween planters for this spooky season, pictured above.

But if plants just aren't your thing, but yoga is, there's still something for you.

Yoga skeletons. Credit: Michael's

Michael's has released a line of yogi skeletons from Ashland home decor.

Who said scary can't be zen, eh?!