Chaotic moment two cruise ships crash into each other, prompting an evacuation

Chaotic moment two cruise ships crash into each other, prompting an evacuation

Onlookers have captured the moment two Carnival cruise liners crashed into each other at a port in Mexico, the Daily Mail has reported.

The incident occurred at 8:30AM local time on Friday, when Carnival Glory started maneuvering to dock in Cozumel. However, the ship struck Carnival Legend, which had already been moored behind, leaving its stern visibly damaged.

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Carnival Cruise Lines have confirmed that one person suffered a minor injury on the Carnival Glory when a group of guests was evacuated from the dining room.

Video footage captured by onlookers has since been shared to social media, and an audibly loud crash can be heard as witnesses point toward the carnage.

As the rear of Glory collides with Legend, windows shatter and metal railings can be seen becoming twisted. The stern of the 952-foot-long vessel was left crushed as a result of the incident, as the Daily Mail reports that passengers were left "stunned" by the impact.

You can watch the collision in the Twitter videos below:

Unbelievably, additional footage then shows Glory almost struck another cruise liner - Oasis of the Seas - which was moored in front of Legend.

Per the Mail, a statement provided by Carnival Glory reads:

"Carnival Glory had a collision with Carnival Legend this morning in Cozumel. 

"Carnival Glory was maneuvering to dock when it made contact with Carnival Legend which was already alongside.

"We are assessing the damage but there are no issues that impact the seaworthiness of either ship. 

"We have advised guests from both ships to enjoy their day ashore in Cozumel.

"There is one reported minor injury of a Carnival Glory guest that occurred when a group of guests were evacuated from the dining room on Decks 3 and 4."

According to Carnival's official website, the Glory can sleep nearly 3,000 guests and another 1,000 crew, whereas the smaller Legend has a passenger capacity of a little over 2,000 and crew of 900.

It is still not clear where the ship was heading or how many were on board at the time of the crash.

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