Driver fined by police because his car was so messy

Driver fined by police because his car was so messy

A driver has been fined by police because there was so much litter in his car that it was deemed dangerous.

The incident took place in Buckinghamshire, England, on Monday. After noticing just how messy the car was, Thames Valley Police pulled the driver over.

A man driving a car. Credit: Pexels

The driver was issued with a fine and given points on their license before being arrested for another matter.

Below is a picture of the inside of the vehicle, which was posted on Twitter by Thames Valley Police.

As you can see, there are wrappings from multiple takeaway establishments and it has built up to the point where it looks like the driver would struggle to reach the pedals.

A messy car. Credit: Twitter / @tvprp

The tweet read:

"Stopped this in Marlow today. A tidy cab=A tidy mind. This was so bad it was dangerous, rubbish under foor [sic] pedals.

"Points on licence & fine. Driver was arrested for an unconnected matter. PC4459 Pilling #JOUCVU"

A police officer writing a ticket. Credit: Getty

However, while this man's fine is understandable, a little-known fact is that you can also get one for using your mobile phone to pay for food via contactless at a drive-thru.

According to the Metro, this can be punished in the UK with a £1,000 fine and six points on your license.

The more you know, eh?