Flight attendants praised for uplifting announcement amid pandemic

Flight attendants praised for uplifting announcement amid pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to pose a threat to our health, our freedom, and sadly, in some cases, our lives.

Considering that a number of establishments have shut down all over the world as people are encouraged or, in some countries, legally required to self-isolate, the outbreak has also had obvious implications for the global economy.

The airline industry, in particular, has been hit hard by the crisis, as countries continue to close borders and ban or discourage travel. In spite of this, one particular cabin crew is being praised for lifting the spirits of its passengers during a flight.

Paul Zalai of Sydney, Australia, took to LinkedIn to post a video of flight attendants on a Virgin Australia flight making an uplifting announcement amid this uncertain time.

This is the moment a flight attendant tried to lift her passengers' spirits amid the coronavirus crisis:

"We've really enjoyed having you on our flight today," the Virgin Australia flight attendant says in the video.

"I know you say we're keeping you guys entertained, you're definitely helping us, keeping our morale up. So we look forward to the next time to choose to fly with Virgin and I hope you all have a wonderful day."

She then gives passengers a gentle reminder to "keep your phones off".

Credit: LinkedIn / Paul Zalai

"Don't look at the phone, let's talk and keep each other happy," she adds.

Zalai, the director of the Freight and Trade Alliance, tagged the Virgin Australia chief executive officer, Paul Scurrah, in the post, writing:

"Paul Scurrah you can be so very proud of your team. I was on VA804 Syd to Mel with a total of 12 pax. The cabin crew were uplifting bringing us to the front of the plane and encouraging us to engage. All passengers shared their coronavirus experience and how it is impacting their business and personally. A sort of impromptu therapy session. I boarded the flight somewhat dejected and left the flight inspired and pumped ready to do our bit. #virgin #coronavirus."

Credit: LinkedIn

Scurrah responded to the post, writing: "Thank you Paul!! I am incredibly proud of them. They are stepping up amazingly."