Hiker's GoPro captures horrifying moment she plunges down 50ft waterfall

Hiker's GoPro captures horrifying moment she plunges down 50ft waterfall

A woman who lost her footing and fell 50ft down a waterfall while out hiking captured the ordeal on film.

Heather Friesen suffered 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a fractured scapula and deep wounds after slipping on a wet rock at the edge of a cliff in Hawaii.

The 26-year-old stopped at the site during a hike with friends on the Ka'au Crater Trail, and her GoPro camera captured the incident unfold.

Watch the harrowing ordeal below: 

In the footage, Heather can be seen tumbling down the side of the cliff, and plunging into the water below. An unidentified man then came to her aid and pulled her out of the fast-flowing water.

Heather, who is a beach volleyball player, appeared on the In the World of Female Sports podcasts, to discuss her accident.

"The hike has waterfalls and we were on the first waterfall and I was up at the top trying to look over the edge and I got too close and I ended up slipping," she told the podcast hosts. "You can see there's little trickle of water that was in the shadow that I didn't really see."

Heather recalled that she felt as if "time slowed down" as she hurtled towards the water. She was subsequently airlifted to hospital, where she said her Christian beliefs helped her find solace.

"When I was on the helicopter being airlifted out, it was the most peaceful moment of my life," she continued. "I kept repeating to myself God's got me I'm going to be OK and that I'm going to play volleyball again."

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The volleyball player now only feels gratitude, and refuses to feel sorry for suffering the fall, which she alleges "changed my life forever".

"I found out there had been others before me who fell from the same spot and died, and I know that God saved my life that day," she asserted.