If you spot this man at the airport he'll upgrade your flights to first class

If you spot this man at the airport he'll upgrade your flights to first class

Take a very good look at this man, because if you remember his face, it could bag you the trip of a lifetime.

Seriously, you may want to really commit his face to memory, because seeing him could be the difference between pampering and comfort or pandering and cramped.

Get out of economy, and away from passengers like this:

Meet Gilbert Ott, a 32-year-old blogger, frequent flyer, and the man behind the flight tips site God Save The Points. He has teamed up with Capital One Venture to offer an amazing prize to anybody who recognizes him at an airport.

If you're lucky enough to spot him, all you have to do is ask to swap your economy ticket with his boarding pass and Gilbert will happily take your seat at the back of the plane while you're living it up at the front.

Gilbert, who lives between New York and London, told MailOnline Travel that luck will also have to be on your side:

"For the flights, it takes a bit of luck because we’ll need to be on the same flight, but if you find me loitering around the gate area, at check-in, security or anywhere else before the flight – on the way to the airport for instance - I’ll totally swap seats and you can enjoy the comfy stuff, and I’ll take whatever you’ve got on the plane, even if it’s the last row.

"Once I’m on the plane though, it’s all mine, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled before the flight. I won’t be hiding in any lounges."

The #WheresGilbert challenge will be running between November 30 and December 11, with his itinerary including long-haul trips to Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

When asked which of the "deals" he thinks are the best, Ott revealed:

"I think even years later, Emirates First Class is insane. You can shower on a plane, then close the door to your suite, after Dom Pérignon and caviar of course. It’s absurd, and for the long hop I’ll be on, someone would be very very lucky, and my knees would be very very sad. Other than that, it’s all great - British Airways new club suite business class, JetBlue Mint, American Airlines Flagship and maybe even some Cathay First action. I want people to take my seats!"

Ott ran a very similar competition back in 2017, and managed to get 30 people upgraded, he reveals on his travel expert site. (He also said he was literally chased through an airport by people!)

And it's not just flight upgrades you could win. Ott writes: "I’m also going to give away five star hotel suites in at least five cities, and without a doubt, quite a few neat twists along the way."

Per Travel and Leisure, two lucky people who spot him in New York will be handed the keys to the Penthouse Suite at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Ever fancied living like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone 2? Well, you can - as the hotel is even arranging ice cream sundaes for winners.

Gilbert is also giving away rooms at the One Hotel Miami Beach and the Four Seasons in D.C.

Your last chance to find him in the US will be on a British Airways flights on December 8. Ott will board a flight from JFK to Heathrow in the early evening, with five giveaways in his hands.

For more tips and clues, go follow Ott on Instagram or get involved on social media with the hashtag #WheresGilbert.