People from around the world reveal what they find weird about America

People from around the world reveal what they find weird about America

Before I start this article, I would like to make one thing clear: I have never been to America. I have spent my entire existence on the grey, soggy shores of the United Kingdom and occasionally foray into Europe to have a browse at some culture (walking around cathedrals). That said, I feel like I have been to America already. As anyone who lives on planet earth would attest, America is regularly forced in our face and down our throats.

Whether it's movies, TV programmes or the news, all the world watches America and for this reason, I feel like I've skated Venice Beach, had Christmas in NY and drove the lonely road of route 66.

However, America still fascinates me. I feel like America is just pretty... well... American. Everything would be bigger, the drinks come in red cups, everyone is slightly sunburnt and all the food is served in disturbingly large portions. So, to see if my stereotypes about the US were true, I headed to Reddit to see what it is really like in America and, yeah, I was spot on.

1. I can't tell if this is great or disgusting

"You can get melted cheese on basically any food." - bertiebees

2. Everything is bigger in America

"The raptor sized turkey legs sold at amusement parks" -Phalty

3. Better call Saul!

"All the commercials for lawyers. On the side of the road... In television... In hotel rooms..." - hn-t

4. As a Brit, this gives me anxiety

"Your lack of inhibition with strangers" - TheRider1

5. This seems a bit morally corrupt

"Commercials for antidepressants and surgeries. Generally advertisements for prescription drugs." - Dewnado

6. I mean, this is like seeing Jesus

"I think my cousin from Europe lost it when she saw a wacky inflatable tube man for the first time in America" - dybre

7. How do people keep track of what they're spending?

"Having tax added on when you get to the till i.e. price tag says $5, you take a $5 bill out of your wallet, then bam, you're asked to pay $5.86 or whatever" - ahphoque

8. Who wants to see someone on the loo?

"Doors on toilet stalls, what is it with all the gaps?" - jabbywasp

9. How do you go for a stealth pee?

"The water in the toilet is too damn high." - meestal

10. WHAT?

"You don't have kettles. How do you make a cup of tea?!" - ehkodiak

I'm sorry, America - but any country that doesn't have kettles is instantly cancelled. What a disgrace.