Plane passenger's MacBook screen destroyed after person in front reclines seat

Plane passenger's MacBook screen destroyed after person in front reclines seat

A plane passenger has taken to social media to criticize Delta Airlines after his MacBook screen was destroyed when the person in front reclined their seat.

Pat Cassidy posted a photo of his smashed screen on Twitter and in a tweet directed at the airline, he wrote: "small note for the suggestion box, maybe have a little warning sign or some way to prevent my laptop from being destroyed when the person in front of me reclines their seat.

He then continues: "Also, this one is more of a critique than a suggestion. I really appreciate that your flight attendant came over to tell me that the passenger in front of me “needs to be able to recline” and then asked him “if he was okay?” as if your seat hadn’t just ruined my livelihood."

This is the moment a male plane passenger repeatedly punched a woman’s seat simply because she reclined it:

Pat then tweets the airline asking who he can email about the incident, sarcastically adding: "You’ll know it’s me because the bottom of the email will read 'sent my from iPhone' [sic]."

In an update, he explains that the airline had reached out and would be compensating him with a $75 gift card in what he refers to as an "explanation that you would give a six year old."

Pat then shared a screenshot of the response he received from Delta Airlines.

It reads: "Thank you for writing us about your experience. I'm sorry your laptop was broken due to another passenger reclining on your seat. It's not fair when one person's behavior affects another person.

"Please know that Personal property damaged in-flight as a result of a passenger action is not reimbursable. We regret the inconvenience this has caused you."

This incident comes after a man went viral when he was filmed (see the video above) repeatedly punching the seat in front of his because the woman sitting in it had reclined it.