Storm Melissa has the internet in hysterics for obvious reasons

Storm Melissa has the internet in hysterics for obvious reasons

Storms are d***s. They’re inconvenient, destructive, wet, and generally miserable. But, despite their well renowned propensity for prickish behaviour, it’s very rare that a storm embodies being a penis in appearance as well as action. Which makes Tropical Storm Melissa all the funnier. 

Melissa, which initially caused a stir amid predictions that it was set to ravage the New England coastline, soon had Twitter in stitches after users began noticing the storm’s NSFW shape. Despite the warnings of destruction, all anyone could see was the massive willy wending its way towards Boston. 

The offending graph was originally posted by the National Hurricane Centre, who accompanied the image with a stark warning. As they explained it: "Melissa continues to cause coastal flooding along portions of the mid-Atlantic coast and southeastern New England."

However, it wasn’t the flood warnings that captured everyone’s imagination, and soon the internet was awash with stormy penis tweets - especially from women named Melissa:

One Twitter user joked, "Is a 14 year-old boy in charge of drawing these storm maps?!", while a second posited, "Mother Nature doesn't screw around. Except when she does."

A third expressed her bafflement that her name was trending, only to discover that it was in relation to a phallic weather pattern. 

Of course, Melissa isn’t the only storm to have exhibited this type of pathetic phallusy. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused a sinister stir when satellite images made it appear like a massive skull, complete with a glowing red eye. Melissa might be slightly less intimidating, but it’s certainly no less remarkable.

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