The internet is in tears at this bizarre TripAdvisor review about the sand on a beach being too wet

The internet is in tears at this bizarre TripAdvisor review about the sand on a beach being too wet

TripAdvisor really is a brilliant aid for people wanting to make their holidays a little bit better. You can read honest reviews about hotels who really need to update their 70s-era curtains, find out how to beat the queues at the most popular attractions in town, and decide where you want to go for dinner based on honest (if not overly dramatic) feedback.

However, one person seemed to take things a little bit too far when she went and reviewed a beach (like, who does this in the first place?) and gave it a sub-par rating because she found the sand "too damp".

Sure, we're all entitled to our own opinions, and a thorough vent on the internet really is needed at times. But complaining about something that happens naturally on a beach? That's something else.

The woman named "Isobel B" decided to visit the TripAdvisor page for Perranporth beach on the UK's Cornwall coast and leave her honest feedback. With sandcastle enthusiasts at heart, she gave a dire warning for anyone who was hoping to construct something out of the rather unrelenting sand.

The woman, who appears not to really know the relationship between the sand and the sea and how tides work, left a comment on TripAdvisor on the Perranporth beach page titled "Very busy". Judging by Insta uploads with the Perranporth beach geotag, the beach looks very charming indeed. And considering that England has been going through a really intense heatwave lately and that it's the school holidays, you can imagine that it was a popular destination at the time she wrote the review last week.

Isobel complained about how many people there were and that there was a lack of car parks, but added that there were quality ice cream vendors nearby and top surf conditions. But it seemed what really let her down was the state of the sand.

"The beach itself looked really good for surfers," she commented, "however I found the sand to be much too damp - not great for building sand castles."

People found it so hilarious that new reviews of the beach have popped up with direct references to the "too damp" comment. In a mock review titled "WARNING . . . . .IT'S A BEACH!!!", someone wrote: "Damp sand? Wet, cold and salty water. A hot sun? Fun? Not sure I like the idea of that . . . Hell! Get me there NOW!!!"

Someone else came to the sand's defence in a post titled "Sand is the best", explaining: "Perfect place, and despite previous reviews, the sand is perfect. Obviously it gets wetter the closer that you get to the sea!"

In the Questions & Answers section of the TripAdvisor page, another provocative individual asked: "I’ve heard the sand is too damp for making sandcastles - do you think I should bring a hairdryer?". The reply was: "Oh yes, most definitely. Watch out, the water gets quite wet too."

Oh internet, I really love you sometimes.