This woman hikes naked to make her exes jealous and now has 20,000 fans online

This woman hikes naked to make her exes jealous and now has 20,000 fans online

A woman has decided to start hiking naked in the wilderness, posting Instagram pics of herself in the nude to make her exes jealous.

Megan Marie now makes regular excursions out into nature as a naturist, trekking through national parks without any clothes except for her boots, aided by her trusty pet dog sidekick Wembley. What started out as a madcap hobby has grown and grown, and now her Instagram blog boasts over 20,000 followers. Megan has even started using it as a platform to discuss topics like hiking safety and mental health.

Megan, who works as the manager of a veterinary clinic, first started hiking naked back in 2016 - after a breakup left her single. Megan made a personal vow to become more self-sufficient. On a camping trip with her sister, Megan was dared by a friend to post a picture of the trip in the buff. Megan, who was trying to build up her confidence as a single woman, rose to the challenge however, and found the experience quite liberating. Encouraged by the positive response and requests for more from her followers, she soon uploaded more pics on a regular basis.

Commenting on her unusual hobby in a recent interview, Megan stated:

"I was going through a bit of a rough patch and had had a few disappointing relationships that didn’t really go anywhere. I suppose I was searching for something – freedom or independence – and I wanted to do something that would be cool enough to make my exes jealous ... It isn’t something I’d ever done before and I really worried about what people would think."

"The trips have helped me tremendously with my own mental health, having suffered myself from depression ...  I tried for ages to build up some sort of a following on Instagram with wildlife and landscape pictures, then as soon as I start posting pictures of my butt it just takes off. Of course, I know that it’s an account full of bottom photos, but I feel that now I have such a following I should use that in a positive way to talk to people about important things."

An image of Megan Marie. Credit: Press Association

She added:

"I really enjoy the excitement of being out in the open air without any clothes on and the adrenaline of seeing what I can get away with. But it’s not at all in a sexual or erotic way, as I know some people must assume. I know a lot of people struggle to separate nudity and sex, but for me, it has never really been about that. I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a part of me that enjoyed the attention of it all. But it makes me feel equally good to think that I have a platform from which I can communicate with people. It just so happens to be the case that that is through pictures of my naked butt."

Megan has now started a new relationship with a man she met on a dating app, who has no problem with her naked hiking. If you'd like to keep up with her future adventures, then check out her Instagram page for more.