Woman goes viral for this game-changing travel hack

Woman goes viral for this game-changing travel hack

A woman has gone viral on Twitter for a genius hack that will forever change how you travel.

Taking to the microblogging website, a user named Sasha explained that instead of taking multiple plug adapters on holiday, which can be costly and take up valuable storage space, she simply takes an extension lead.

Needless to say, this hack went down a storm.

In addition to saving money and space, Sasha's hack could also save groups from warring over a limited number of sockets while traveling, enabling them to plug in every device they could possibly need.

An extension lead. Credit: Amazon

Reacting to the hack, social media users told Sahsa, who is from Nottingham, England, that she is basically living in the future. And, naturally, many questioned why they hadn't thought of the hack themselves!

However, one Twitter user who already utilizes the hack made a point of saying that once out of use, the extension should always be unplugged to avoid the risk of it overloading and catching fire.

So, instead of investing in extra adaptors this summer, simply get an extension lead!