Woman reveals how she stopped a man sexually harassing a teenage girl on her flight

Woman reveals how she stopped a man sexually harassing a teenage girl on her flight

Sexual harassment is sadly prevalent in everyday life - but one place that it rears its ugly head on a regular basis is when women travel. This struggle that many females are forced to go through is little-discussed but was brought to everyone's attention online recently when journalist Joanna Chiu highlighted a horrifying incident of sexual harassment she witnessed on a flight.

The deputy bureau chief of Star Vancouver launched a Twitter thread that described how an unidentified man crudely targeted a teenage girl who had been separated from her family and took advantage of her. Fortunately, however, Joanna and other passengers on the plane were there to step in and stop the predator in his tracks.

Joanna was sleepy - but stayed awake and alert to monitor the situation behind her

The encounter had several red-flags from the get-go

And Joanna's tweets showed how women regularly feel trapped in these situations, but are often forced to remain polite in order to stop them from escalating

Things had gone too far already, but it was at this point that the man began sexually harassing the teen

Luckily, two women were there to let the young girl know she had rights and shouldn't accept the man's behaviour

When he was called out on his actions, the unidentified man became aggressive

After the boss threatened to land the plane, the man finally moved

The incident highlighted a sad truth about the female experience

And spurred Joanna to share a horrifying travel experience of her own

Tragically, this wasn't the only story she had

All the encounters highlighted a dark truth: sexual harassment happens regularly when women travel (not to mention everywhere else) and needs to stop

There are many predatory people out there and we all need to be on watch in order to protect each other

Thankfully, in this case, the man was caught by security

The unidentified Canadian airline handled things admirably

And Joanna was there to ensure everyone knew about the man's disgusting behaviour

We look forward to hearing all about the teenager/CEO's future company one day soon

As a society we not only have to be on our guard for situations like these, but we also have to massively improve how we to react to them, as shown by when this woman's sexual harassment complaint was ignored because her shirt was "too provocative".