Vegan activists storm McDonald's wearing pig masks and spray 'blood' everywhere

Vegan activists storm McDonald's wearing pig masks and spray 'blood' everywhere

A group of vegan activists have stormed a McDonald's restaurant wearing pig masks before spraying fake blood everywhere.

The incident took place in Brighton, England, and was staged by Eco organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). The group took footage of the incident and subsequently posted it to Facebook, writing: "The fake blood I spilt is nothing compared to the real blood McDonald's has spilt."

To see the protestors spray fake blood all over the McDonald's, check out the video below: 

The protestors, of which there were more than 20, burst into the fast food establishment chanting "Dairy is Scary" and "Until Every Animal is Free". Fake blood was then sprayed on the floors before they staged a sit-in.

During the sit-in, the protestors encouraged patrons at the McDonald's to listen to their message as one member of the group sat in a pool of the fake blood, arms outstretched, mimicking a pig a slaughterhouse.

Police were called to the scene, and the woman sitting in the fake blood was arrested.

A vegan protestor being arrested. Credit: Facebook / DxE Brighton

This is not the only public protest staged by the group. DxE are also responsible for similar incidents at Waitrose, Jamie Oliver, and the Touro steakhouse.

Amazingly though, some meat-eaters chose to fight back. Such as this guy who ate a raw pig's head at a DxE protest:

"Direct Action Everywhere is an international animal rights network dedicated to making animal liberation happen in our lifetime by using non-violent direct action to put the issue of animal rights on the table," they claim.

"This is the Brighton chapter of DxE and we aim to empower activists to take strong and confident action wherever animals are being enslaved, killed or exploited, and create a world where animal liberation is a reality."

Vegan protestors outside a branch of McDonald's. Credit: Facebook / DxE Brighton

Reactions to the protest on social media were mixed:

Facebook user, Ian Marshall, wrote: "How heroic to frighten children."

Kai Fenn, however, spoke out in defense of the group, writing: "There were literally babies murdered for those hamburgers. Are you oblivious?"

On Twitter, the Brighton-based group revealed that the arrest which took place at this incident was their first:

"We had our first arrest tonight, they wrote. "We will do what ever [sic] it takes to STOP the needless, systematic abuse of animals."