Video shows adorable reactions of people being told that they are beautiful

Video shows adorable reactions of people being told that they are beautiful

How would you react if a stranger told you that you're beautiful? You might laugh and say thank you. You might roll your eyes and say something self-deprecating. Or you might say, "You're damn right I am, honey," slap your hip and strike a pose.

Carlos, the producer of the YouTube channel Europeans React, decided to conduct a social experiment. He hit the streets in Brussels, Belgium, and asked random people if he could take their picture for a college project. However, while they were preparing to have their picture taken, the camera was already recording. That's when Carlos told them what their project was about: "We have to take a picture of something that we find beautiful."

In the five minute video, we see adorable reactions from a variety of people, men and women, old and young, from all over the world. (Check the bottom left of the screen to see everyone's name and home country.) Most people are confused for a moment, then blush and laugh, delighted to get an unexpected compliment. Others crack a joke. "You need your eyes checked!" says one woman. "That's pretty beautiful," quips one man, gesturing to the architecture behind him. "I don't know about me."

Not everyone accepts the compliment, but they do all smile, and you get the sense that it made their day. As we go through life, it's easy to get caught up in stress and self-doubt. The video ends with a sweet message about how saying something simple can have great impact: "Beautiful is one powerful word that can make anyone's day better. Say it to a family member, a lover, a friend or a stranger and make their day a little brighter."

man reacts to being told he is beautiful Credit: YouTube

I hope Carlos makes a sequel to this video, where he does the same social experiment, telling strangers that they're ugly! I bet their reactions wouldn't be as adorable. Actually, don't do that, Carlos. It's a terrible idea. You might get punched in the face.

It's refreshing to see people told that they're beautiful, in a world where so may of us chase impossible standards of beauty on Instagram. Recently dietician Lyndi Cohen conducted a social experiment, asking her followers to Photoshop her to make her "beautiful." However, the results were more disturbing than heartwarming.

"Without me asking, they all made me slimmer," wrote Lyndi. "They removed my birthmark from my shoulder. They even made my bone structure smaller. They created an image of what they thought was beautiful and healthy - and the result worries me. When all we see is photoshopped images of already slim people - it’s difficult to think of beauty or health as anything else. I tell you my friends... there’s nothing wrong with my bone structure or my birthmark or my stomach or my natural body shape."

Well, don't worry, Lyndi. You're beautiful!