Viral video shows 'the correct way' to eat a pineapple and the internet is in shock

Viral video shows 'the correct way' to eat a pineapple and the internet is in shock

How do you eat pineapple?

Do you cut the skin off, before chopping it up into chunks? Are you a lazy pineapple eater who buys it pre-cut in a can from the supermarket? Or do you commit the cardinal sin of putting it on pizza?

Either way, it doesn't matter - as apparently there is only one right way to eat the tropical fruit, and it's been brought to everyone's attention with a viral video.

Pineapple Credit: Getty

Posted to social media by Twitter user Dennis Naghizadeh, the footage shows someone holding the delicious treat in one hand and simply peeling a juicy chunk out with their fingers.

Yep, that's right. Instead of putting all that hard work in sawing it to pieces, because of the way it grows, you just had to gently peel segments of the pineapple out all along! We've been doing it wrong our entire lives!

Naghizadeh was shaken by the revelation, uploading the video and writing: "Wait, what? The whole time? The whole time!? THE WHOLE TIME!"

He wasn't the only one; his tweet soon blew up on social media, gaining 367,000 likes and almost 150,000 retweets. It's fair to say the whole internet was shaken by the news, with thousands of people taking to the comment section to express their shock.

"I feel I know nothing about my favorite fruit," wrote one, while another joked: "MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE".

One other person quipped: "To think there would be flying cars in 2019, yet we just learned how to eat pineapple."

Other people questioned the revoltionary technique, with one writing "I feel like it has to be a certain degree of ripeness would have to be present for this to work so perfectly" and another blasting the idea, stating: "Just tried it. Fake news. Sore fingers. Kitchen is a mess. It kind of works but it's useless."

However, not everyone was surprised by the 'correct way' to eat a pineapple. One Twitter user, in particular, was there to share his knowledge, explaining exactly why you can pull out sections piece-by-piece.

"You can do this because pineapples are actually berries. As the fruit grows the individual berries coalesce together. Each ‘eye’ is a single individual berry. they may seem fused together, but if you start from the top, you can pluck each eye one by one," he wrote.

He then uploaded another picture, adding: "This is how a baby pineapple looks like. At this point you can clearly see its distinctive berry feature. Compare it with raspberries. They look (in one way or another) similar. The difference is, raspberries do not grow big."

He's not wrong! A quick bit of research tells us that the pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with an edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, also called pineapple. Who knew, eh?

I think there's only one thing left to do in this situation. I've got to go find a pineapple, and I hope you do the same.