Whole street sings 'Happy Birthday' to eight-year-old girl during isolation

Whole street sings 'Happy Birthday' to eight-year-old girl during isolation

An entire street has come together to sing Happy Birthday to an eight-year-old girl during isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The uplifting incident took place in Southampton, England, after Rob and Alison Thomas began to worry about how they would help their eight-year-old daughter Sophia celebrate her birthday.

After sharing their concerns, one of their neighbors suggested that the street came together to sing her Happy Birthday and the event was coordinated over WhatsApp.

Listen to the street singing Happy Birthday below:  

The uplifting incident took place at 10 am this morning, and we have to admit, it really is neighborhood goals, showing that a little creativity and kindness can go a long way during a difficult situation.

Sophia's dad explained that his daughter is a naturally confident and outgoing girl, but that the gesture left her gobsmacked and overwhelmed.

These Italian neighbors also began singing during the coronavirus lockdown: 

Unfortunately, because the UK is currently on lockdown, people can't leave their homes unless it's for food, exercise or essential work reasons, so Sophia won't be having a party with her friends.

However, her parents managed to get her a cake for the occasion and they held a garden BBQ to celebrate too.

Well, one thing's for sure, Sophia certainly won't be forgetting her eighth birthday in isolation in a hurry!

Birthday balloons. Credit: Pexels

The news comes as people have been coming up with increasingly creative ways to keep their spirits up during isolation. From these Spanish neighbors who started an impromptu band to taking kids on 360° POV rides of Disney attractions while the parks are closed.

Oh, and sometimes, the entertainment emerging from the pandemic completely accidental. This Italian priest, for example, unknowingly gave an online mass to remember for all the wrong reasons after he accidentally turned on face filters.

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