Woman asks for burger without cheese and finds something horrible written on her receipt

Woman asks for burger without cheese and finds something horrible written on her receipt

Ever since Burger King made all of the money by telling us that we could Have It Our Way, fast food orders have been tweaked and edited so that we can (in theory) have the best meal possible.

Don't like tomatoes? Instead of spending a couple of minutes picking them out (and still kind of tasting them in there), you can instead ask for your burger to be cooked without them altogether. Fries too salty? Meat overcooked? All problems now obsolete, with the special restaurant order.

But not everyone's happy with the new development - it can be kind of a pain in the neck if you're the guy or gal behind the counter, forced to cater quite literally to the whims of a picky paying customer. Some of them take it in stride, but others, not so much, and when this lady asked for a burger without any cheese in it, she found something rather horrible on her receipt.

Out in Alabama, Henry's Burgers and Cream was host to a woman's patronage - a woman who chose only to be identified as Jessica. Jessica was ordering . Now, one of her coworkers is lactose-intolerant, so as to not cause a scene in the office bathroom, Jessica ordered one of those burgers without cheese.

When she returned to her office - burgers in tow - she realised to her dismay that the burger she ordered sans cheese had a slice of cheese melted onto the patty, which simply would not do. So, being the good coworker she is, Jessica went back to Henry's Burgers and Cream to re-order the burger.

But when she picked up this second burger - because the restaurant had screwed up the first one - she found that they weren't too happy with the request. Take a look at this receipt below, and although it seems fine at first, make sure you read all the way to the bottom.

Yeah, doesn't look good, does it? It's been coloured out for the sake of politeness, but apparently ordering cheese with a burger was enough for the server handling the receipt to say: "No cheese on this dam burger crazy b**** ordered it." When she confronted the restaurant about this, they said that they weren't informed of the coworker's lactose intolerance.

Understandably, this caused quite a bit of backlash online, and Henry's Burgers and Cream were forced to issue an apology for the entire ordeal on their Facebook page. "In response to the 'receipt' events of Wednesday, we would like to make all our customers aware of our latest actions," they began, adding that the necessary steps had been taken to ensure this didn't happen again anytime soon.

"We have made all necessary changes to our staff. All employees have been trained in the appropriate way to deal with customers. As owners of a small business we feel that we have done the best we can do. The food was corrected and a heartfelt apology given and employees were dealt with. We appreciate each person that comes in our door and we will continue to work harder to make that known!"

Hopefully, though, both customer and restaurant can put this unsavoury episode behind them, and all try to enjoy some delicious burgers.