Woman creates life-sized gingerbread Groot for Christmas

Woman creates life-sized gingerbread Groot for Christmas

If you thought Baby Groot was the best possible version of the Marvel character, then think again.

A Norwegian motion designer and food artist by the name of Caroline Eriksson has created my new favorite Avenger - purely because he looks delicious and could probably feed me until next Christmas.

And while we're on the topic, check out one of our favorite gingerbread recipes below:

Eriksson went viral back in February after creating a seriously impressive giant gingerbread Alien Xenomorph sculpture made entirely of gingerbread. This Christmas, she has outdone herself with a much cuter gingerbread sculpture of the popular Marvel character. 

Eriksson started the process by teasing her followers with a little taster (excuse the pun), writing: "I have started on this years Xmas gingerbread project, so excited! I’m creating a character from one of my favourite hero movies.. or should I say anti-hero... Here’s a little hint, can you figure it out? [sic]"

Some followers correctly recognized the Guardians of the Galaxy crest and guessed it would be Groot.

Per LaughingSquid, Eriksson revealed what the impressive bake is made from and how long it took to complete:

"The recipe I use is the basic gingerbread recipe with a little bit extra syrup, more flour, and no baking powder – makes the pieces a bit harder with a smooth surface. …There is a thin steel frame underneath, the rest is only gingerbread and melted sugar – works really great as adhesive! …It took 5 weeks in total, with planning and building, full time!"

But good things come to those who wait, and the finished result is absolutely remarkable!

And needless to say, Caroline's followers adored her latest superhero creation, with the posts amassing nearly 5,000 combined likes. And her comments section blew up with compliments:

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

And these aren't Caroline's only baking triumphs. Check out her incredible Darth Vader and Optimus Prime:

Question is: would you dare to eat these marvelous masterpieces?