Woman desperate for a baby admits to 'spurgling' her partner to fall pregnant

Woman desperate for a baby admits to 'spurgling' her partner to fall pregnant

A woman has admitted to 'spurgling' from her partner in order to start a family. 29-year-old Victoria Beckett revealed in an interview with The Sun that she felt forced to take the drastic measure due to her determination to start a family and failure to meet the requirements for IVF treatment. 

As Beckett explained to reporter Georgie Culley, she had always known that she wanted to be a young mum, but was left scarred after suffering a traumatic miscarriage in her teens. It was this experience, coupled with a string of unsuccessful relationships, that compelled her to take matters into her own hands. As she explained it: 

“I’d hoped to start a family with my school sweetheart but found he’d been cheating.”

“Ideally, I’d be married before having kids, so I could bring them up with someone I loved. But I went from one failed relationship to another. So I knew I’d have to take a different route.”

“I went to my GP and asked about IVF, but I was told I didn’t meet the NHS requirements. I wasn’t in a committed relationship and was young.”

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"I thought about using a sperm donor and paying for IVF but, at £3,000 a go, there’s no way I could have afforded it on my then waitress’s salary.

"I’d have to take a more drastic measure – hoodwink a guy. I knew it wasn’t morally right but I had no choice. I met Tom on a night out and he was tall, dark, handsome and intelligent. I wanted someone with good genes and he was perfect.

"We began seeing each other and, unknown to him, I stopped taking the Pill.

“I deliberately had unprotected sex at my most fertile time of the month. It wasn’t long before my boobs started to swell and I had morning sickness. I did a pregnancy test and it was positive.”

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While Becket was overjoyed at the news, her partner had a different reaction. As she explained to The Sun, he felt betrayed as a result of the deception.

Beckett went on to reveal that he responded to the news by going "into meltdown" and ultimately elected to play little role in preparation for the birth. She added: "Tom came to my house to meet (the baby) one week after the birth, but I’ve not heard from him since. He didn’t want to be a part of our lives and I respected that."

While the concept of stealing sperm in order to get pregnant might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, historical precedent suggests that it has previously been a tense subject. Way back in 1998, The Independent reported on the case of an Albuquerque man who attempted to sue his ex-girlfriend for “making him a father without his knowledge or consent.”

During the course of the case, the woman’s lawyer argued that she could not have "stolen" Mr Wallis' sperm, as he "surrendered any right of possession... when he transferred it... during voluntary sexual intercourse," giving the sperm the same legal status as "a gift". Cases such as this just go to show how complicated the situation around starting a family can sometimes be.