Woman left blind for three weeks after having her eyeballs tattooed blue

Woman left blind for three weeks after having her eyeballs tattooed blue

A body modifier, who goes by the name Blue Eyed White Dragon, reportedly went blind for three weeks after spending $26,000 on getting blue ink tattooed into her eyes.

Twenty-four-year-old Amber Luke, who hails from Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, allegedly spent 40 minutes undergoing the procedure, risking going permanently blind.

Watch Luke speak about all her body modifications...

Despite all her other body modifications, Luke says that the eyeball inking was the last of her extreme modifications, but that she still does plan to be fully covered by March 2020.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, the 24-year-old described the procedure as "very intense and very painful", detailing that her eyes were held open as a syringe was injected into each eye four times.

In the video below, Luke reveals that the process left her blinded for three weeks.

As of now, Luke has over 200 tattoos, as well as her blue inked eyeballs. She has the word "savage" permanently inked underneath her eye, and a split in her tongue and stretched earlobes.

In fact, she recently took to Instagram to show off a rather racy new inking: a new butt tattoo consisting of dozens of petals. And her 132k followers seem to have loved it. "Ass/inner thigh progress - artists are tagged," she captioned the post.

"I’m so obsessed with how gorgeous all your tatts are," one follower wrote "You are stunning."

"Amber this is so cool," another corroborated. "Love the intimate pieces. This suits you so much."

"Ouch! You’re so brave," added a third. "Mad respect to you girl." Another wrote, "Going for some of that inner thigh pain this afternoon too!!"

Luke developed an addiction to tattoos after she got her first ink at the age of 16. She says that she has no regrets about the transformation she's undergone since.