Woman makes out with her own dad on live radio show to win cash prize

Woman makes out with her own dad on live radio show to win cash prize

There's a lot of things that I would do for $1,000, but hooking up with one of my parents certainly isn't one of them.

However, don't be surprised the lengths some people will go to in order to win a few Benjamins - such as this father and daughter duo from Australia.

During their appearance on The Kyle and Jackie Show, 26-year-old Stacy took her relationship with her dad, 49-year-old Nick, to a whole other level.

The pair were taking part in a segment called 'Boyfriend or Daddy', in which the show's team had to guess whether or not a female contestant has visited the studio with her - you guessed it - boyfriend or father.

Check out the game unfold in the video below:

At stake, $1000 Australian dollars - which amounts to just $730 USD or £550.

After quizzing the pair on their "sex life" (oh yeah, that happened), the hosts were still torn over whether or not Nick was Stacy's doting dad or boyfriend. Therefore, Jackie said: "There's only one way to decide this. Would you guys be willing to give each other just a little kiss on the lips?"

Pulling their final rabbit out of the hat, Stacy gladly locks lips with her father, in an attempt to throw the presenters off their scent and scoop the cash prize.

And, unsurprisingly, it worked... BECAUSE WHO WOULD KISS THEIR DAD FOR 730 BUCKS?!

"It can't be the father, no one kisses their father like that... unless you live in the mountains and have no neighbors," Kyle joked, as Jackie also concurred that they have to be in a relationship.

When the big reveal came, Stacy said: "The things we do for money. This is actually my father!"

Following the revelation, Stacy added that her boyfriend is "going to be mortified". Something tells me her boyfriend is going to be packing his bags and moving to another country.

After posting the video to Instagram, the comments section blew up, with people in awe of what they had just witnessed.

Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram

One Instagram user wrote: "Watching that live RUINED my Friday!"

And another person added: "Guys that was the worst segment ever!"

I mean, if Nick and Stacy were cool with it, I guess they're the ones laughing. But do you think it was worth it? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.