Woman pays tribute to her dead sugar daddy who she claims is haunting her

Woman pays tribute to her dead sugar daddy who she claims is haunting her

It's a tale as old as time: boy meets girl, they fall in love, then he dies and haunts her so she shares an Instagram post on the anniversary of his death imploring him to leave her alone.

... Ok, that's not how the story usually goes, but that's exactly what happened between 28-year-old Amanda Drago and her now-deceased sugar daddy, Brad.

Last week, Drago - a former adult film actress and escort - shared a truly fascinating tribute to her former lover, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 47.

Amanda Drago sugar daddy Credit: Instagram/@theheauxmentor

"Exactly one year ago, my sugar daddy Brad passed away," Drago began. "He was 47 and died because of a heart attack and untreated diabetes. We had an incredibly toxic relationship and ultimately I wish I never met him."

Wow. Now that is how to start a eulogy. She continued:

"As horrible as he was, I am sitting here and trying to dig up a good memory to remember him on this day. So here it is: Brad, you bought me my first pair of Louboutins, my first Birkin and my first and only race horse 🏇 You understood the value of my time and for that, I honor you with my time today by making this post for you.

"I still don’t forgive you for taking me out of the will after you attacked me while you were on whippets. However, you knew I would always be okay and yes... I’ve been living a double life this whole time with the guy you thought was my gay bodyguard and I’m also an author and serial entrepreneur. So, let’s call it even."

And the last line is the real kicker: "I will finally visit you one of these days. Rest In Peace. PS please don’t haunt me again."

Amanda Drago Credit: Instagram/@theheauxmentor

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Drago (who also goes by the aliases Lydia Dupra and Melina Mason) explained her relationship with Brad. The pair originally met in 2012, after Brad ordered a girl from an escort agency. It wasn't actually meant to be Drago, but Brad took a liking to her, and shortly after propositioned a sugar daddy/baby relationship to her. She accepted.

"I never glamorized being a sugar baby," Drago said. "I wanted to be financially independent ... [But] it was just so much freaking money, how can you say no?"

However, Drago wasn't always happy with the set-up. According to her, Brad would get depressed and use drugs, and was sometimes abusive towards her as a result. During one of their last encounters, he demanded sex from her but she refused, and eventually had to run out of his house because she was scared of what he would do.

Still, the money kept flowing, so Drago kept in contact with her sugar daddy.

Amanda Drago Credit: Instagram/@theheauxmentor

"We were texting the day before [his death]," Drago said. "He was going to send me to this spa and I was waiting for the money to hit my account."

But, of course, the money never came.

"When I saw him dead, I was shocked. I didn’t believe he was gone," Drago said. "This man — the bane of my existence — just up and died."

She didn't mourn for long, however.

"Then I felt relieved. I knew I wouldn’t have to be his entertainment anymore and I could have freedom back with my life and body."

Drago believes that Brad stuck around for a little longer after he'd passed on, though, and claims that she and her boyfriend heard loud noises in their bedroom in the days following his death.

Amanda Drago Credit: Instagram/@theheauxmentor

As for the post on Instagram, the sugar baby says she did it as much for him as she did for herself.

"I had never told anyone publicly about my relationship with Brad. I never said goodbye, and I was ready to get closure on his anniversary. I thought my following would enjoy a glimmer into my crazy past, get a chuckle and maybe even learn something. I also thought Brad would love to be featured on my social media as he was always trying to be seen with me in public."

Drago still makes money from her escorting services and mentoring others.