Woman receives a mistaken text from a Scientologist and things escalated quickly

Woman receives a mistaken text from a Scientologist and things escalated quickly

Understandably, the religion of Scientology has been the subject of speculation and intrigue from many people for a number of years. Maybe it's because of their secretive nature and celebrity followers, or because the general perception of members is that they're a bit strange, but, for whatever reason, we all want to know a bit more.

As a whole, Scientologists don't help shake the negative and laughable perception that they attract. The bizarre belief system includes an intergalactic dictator shipping people to 'Earth' and then deciding to blow them up with hydrogen bombs (referred to as Incident II).

While the same could be said about most religions and their beliefs that the universe was created by a ghost man in the sky, Scientology is often the butt of a lot of jokes.

The religion appeared to gain traction after celebrities such as Tom Cruise sign up, however, their numbers are now dwindling and, if this text exchange is anything to go by, they appear to be doing all that they can to get new members through the door.

Scientologists offer a free personality test and it seems like they are now following up those tests by getting in contact with the people who undertook them.

However, unfortunately for one Scientologist, he wasn't up to date with the world of trolling and his inexperience was gleefully gobbled up by one young girl who trolled him for all that he had.

The hilarious text exchange begins with the Scientologist getting in touch with a girl called Shelby and starts off fairly innocuously, with him simply asking how she is and if she remembers doing the test.

Shelby, sensing blood, decides to go straight in with the trolling, saying that she has experienced a lot of changes since she did the test, with her arms growing longer and becoming "impossible to ignore."

The Scientologist appears to know what's going on, telling Shelby that he is aware that she is joking and is "gonna let you go". Then, however, she sends a photo of her elongated arms.

Astonished by what he is seeing, the Scientologist asks if Shelby is fooling him by using photoshop. However, after she assures him that this is all legit, he sees his window of opportunity and tells her that everything will be explained in Dianetics.

Shelby claims that she wants to learn more as her doctors are at a loss at what has happened to her, so Mr Scientologist sends her a video that he claims will explain everything.

Shelby, who appears to really have the bit between her teeth now, gets invited to come and visit the Scientologists. Then, trying her luck one more time she asks if he can type in capitals due to her arms continuing to elongate, making it difficult for her to be able to see the screen.

The text exchange ends with Shelby dropping a joke about rolling up her sleeves and seemingly making the Scientologist realise that he is being played.

To be fair, when you read what they believe, it's easy to see why a Scientologist may fall for Shelby's story.