Woman receives unwanted weight loss advice and claps back with an offer of her own

Woman receives unwanted weight loss advice and claps back with an offer of her own

It would be safe to say in this image-obsessed society that we are now living in, any woman who puts her body online is going to be criticised for either being too big, too skinny, too muscular, too pale, too dark or some other BS problem.

Despite steps being taken to break down the archaic and patriarchal constructs that exist within western beauty standards - with the rise of body-positivity being a shining example - women are still ripped apart and body-shamed with alarming frequency online.

It's easy to see why this shaming is often attributed to nothing-better-to-do male trolls, who peruse the internet looking for easy targets, but a lot of it comes from other women as well.

This certainly proved to be the case for Reddit user Sweet Honey Apples. In fact, not only did the shaming come from another woman, but it also came from one of her "fans" on social media.

Taking to Reddit to post screen grabs from the conversation, the troll begins the chat by being all nicey-nicey while also inserting sly digs into her message about Sweet Honey Apples' weight.

"Hey Girly, I've been following your profile for a while, and I must say, you are gorgeous!!

"One girl to another though, some of the selfies you've posted are looking kinda different from the others.

"All that food you post looks tasty af, but not so tasty on the hips!!

"I can help you shed those extra 5-10lbs and get you beach ready."

Not done there, the body-shamer continues on their mission to be as condescending as possible through their use of emojis, writing: "It happens to the best of us" accompanied by a tongue-out face.

However, the clap-back from Sweet Honey Apples was simply glorious with her sending an image of her toned torso and writing: "Please circle where I need to lose weight; you do mine and I'll do yours."

It would be safe to say that the response shocked the troll who was left using the fact that she is "a busy mom" as an excuse for her behaviour.

"WOW, rude. I thought id message you to help, but you're just a b*tch. I'm a busy mom, I don't have time to live at the gym like you. Don't bother messaging me when you get fat and you lose your job because I'll be busy working with REAL models."

Understandably, Reddit loved the interaction, with one user saying: How does someone think that's okay to send that?? Your reply is great!" However, others thought she could have been even more savage in her response: "I would have still went to her profile, screenshotted a pic of her, circle and send it back."

While Sweet Honey Apples could've taken the issue further, it would've only resulted in her body-shaming someone else; the exact thing that she was highlighting. Hopefully, given how quickly she was put in her place, this "busy mom" will have learnt her lesson when it comes to being judgmental and condescending towards others.