Woman reveals that she has 4 implants in botched boob job

Woman reveals that she has 4 implants in botched boob job

A woman complaining of a botched boob job revealed that she has four implants in her breasts, as a result of what doctors are calling a "forbidden" procedure.

Appearing on Monday's episode of E!'s Botched, Brittany Mann sought help in reversing the disastrous procedure.

As the episode unfolded, it was revealed that Brittany had two sets of implants in each of her breasts. One implant had been placed below the muscle and one above. Seeking the professional opinion of surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, she hoped something could be done to fix the situation.

Check out Brittany's appearance on Botched and learn more about her disastrous boob job:

"I am super nervous to tell Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that I have four implants in," she says in the preview for the episode. "It kind of feels like telling my mom that I did something wrong when I was younger."

Brittany explains that the very first procedure she underwent was a 600cc breast augmentation, which was placed under the muscle - however, the surgery had left her with a displaced implant.

"Immediately after, my implant was actually poking out of my right breast," she says. "My doctor said he wouldn’t touch it, and it wouldn’t be worth fixing."

Credit: E!

She was now hoping to get the issue fixed while also going bigger.

"You thought, ‘If I have to get this fixed, I might as well go bigger,’ " Dr. Dubrow says. "That’s exactly what I thought," Brittany responds.

Brittany explains that her surgeon carried out a procedure in which he "stacked" silicone implants inside each of her breasts, to which a shocked Dr. Dubrow replied: "Stack? You have two implants in each breast?" You go to the implant company inserts, it specifically says do not stack implants. It’s forbidden."

Botched airs on Monday at 10pm on E!