Woman roasted online after slamming the engagement ring her boyfriend gave her

Woman roasted online after slamming the engagement ring her boyfriend gave her

Getting engaged is a big deal. Like, a really big deal. And one would hope that, if their partner loved them enough to want to spend the rest of their life with them, they'd also know them well enough to have a rough idea of what sort of engagement ring they might want (if any at all).

So, when one woman got a rather, uh, unconventional engagement ring from her boyfriend, she was a little taken aback. Rather than speak to her partner about it, though, she decided to put him on blast... on Facebook.

"My boyfriend finally asked me to marry him and this is really what he gives me … he pulled it out of his pocket and it took just about everything in me not to laugh and question whether this is real life or not," she wrote.

Accompanying her complaint was a picture of the offending ring:

ugly engagement ring Credit: Reddit

Ok, so the ring isn't exactly at the height of fashion - but there must have been a reason her fiance chose it, right?

She went on to explain: "I've had it for a few days now, and I've gotten used to it so I don't think it's so bad... but also maybe I've just come to terms with it.  I definitely wish it was something different, but oh well... it was his grandmother's and the pearl is my birthstone and I think that's the only reason I've been able to tolerate it."

So it turns out the ring was a family heirloom. Well, the post was shared to Reddit - and the folks over there didn't exactly have her back on the issue. In fact, they sided with her other half.

"There’s nothing wrong with the ring, it once belonged to his grandmother and it was also the girl’s birthstone, it has far too much sentimental value and it’s the thought that counts," one person said.

"I am going to pretend he’s getting another ring so she’ll give him back his grandmother’s ring. Then he can bolt without losing a sentimental item," added another.

Meanwhile, a third person contributed this rather blunt response:  "Hope that guy takes the ring back and runs."

couple holding hands Credit: Pexels

Even those who agreed the ring was ugly made it clear that the bride-to-be should not be sharing these kinds of things on social media.

"It's a terrible engagement ring (pearls are soft and should only be worn occasionally) but don't post to Facebook about it," one commenter wrote. "I hope he realizes she will be doing this with all their problems and that's super unhealthy."

So, yes, the ring may have been a bit questionable. But it was also something very special to her boyfriend, and she should have kept the matter privately between the two of them instead of airing their dirty laundry on Facebook.

As for what became of the woman, we really don't know. Maybe her boyfriend saw the post and called it off. Maybe she was able to talk herself out of the situation and settle their differences. Or maybe, just maybe, she felt so guilty about the whole thing that she's now out there, somewhere, sporting a massive pearl set in yellow gold everywhere she goes.